Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice


Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCCJ) is one of the many centres of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad that aims at specializing, tutoring and disseminating information about the different facets of criminology, forensic science, penology and victimology to its students. CCCJ was established in March 2018 with an ambitious and enthusiastic furore to gain more knowledge about the fascinating world of criminology and its sister branches. The Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice is engaged in activities to develop and strengthen the existing Criminal Justice system of the state and benefit the society. The Centre functions with the objective to work as a resource centre in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice


  • To create awareness in the society with regard to the Criminal Justice System and the various disciplines of Criminology such as Penology and Victimology.
  • To acquaint students with laws relating to the Criminal Justice System.
  • To promote academic research on themes pertaining to Criminology and Criminal Justice and undertaking various activities that enhance students’ knowledge.
  • To organize various seminars, symposiums, conferences, research projects and field works on various sub-fields of Criminology and Criminal Justice.
  • To facilitate interaction among students, faculty and legal practitioners and develop consultations with government and other stakeholders.
  • To collaborate with various centre's and institutions across India and abroad to conduct training programmes.

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Under the guidance of

  • Dr. Santosh Aghav- Director, SLSH
  • Dr. Anuradha B – Deputy Director, SLSH
  • Mr. Hifajatali Sayyed – Faculty In-Charge , CCCJ

List of Members

S. No Name of the Member Batch Designation in the Centre
1 Reeti S. Shetty 2020-25 President
2 Anikait Nair 2020-25 Vice-President
3 Jharna Singh 2020-25 Head- Pr & Media Committee
4 Akanksha Singh 2020-25 Head- Editorial Committee
5 Keerthana Manoj 2021-26 Co-Head- Pr & Media Committee
6 Nishka Girish 2021-26 Co-Head-Editorial Committee
7 Aisvarya Chandran 2019-24 Advisory Board Member
8 S Sukanya 2019-24 Advisory Board Member
9 Meenakshi Shriram 2019-24 Advisory Board Member
10 Aanjana Sasidharan 2019-24 Advisory Board Member
11 Aratrika Paul 2019-24 Advisory Board Member
12 Hiya Sonchhatra2019-24 Advisory Board Member
13 Sneha Koranne 2021-26 Member
14 Varun Parthibhan 2021-26 Member
15 Sibani Suresh 2022-27 Member
16 Manasavi Yadav 2022-27 Member
17 Pranav Parmeshwaran 2022-27 Member
18 Benjamin Thomas 2022-27 Member
19 Likitha Sri Meka 2022-27 Member
20 Niharika V 2022-27 Member
21 Maansi Sinha 2023-28 Member
22 Sahanya Chengappa 2023-28 Member
23 Abhishek Singh 2023-28 Member
24 Soha Tripathy 2023-28 Member

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