Moot Court Cell

Moot Court Cell

A good lawyer is one who has the right blend of linguistic, emotional and analytical skills. These skills however are immaterial without the ability to present the matter at hand with ease. This ability comes out of experience which is essential for all students at this day and age. Mooting is a simulation where a student is given a real life situation, where he/she must excel not only due to academic calibre but should also exhibit skills such as outside the box thoughts and handling pressure, along with the ability to put it across in a way that is beneficial to his/her clients interest. Keeping this in mind the Moot Court Association has been established by Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. We realise the importance of providing an all round experience to the student where every single student right from the 1st years to the final years are given an equal opportunity to hone their mooting skills.

Zenith and Zeal Moot Court competition have been formulated so as to provide that fortuity to the students and thus sharpen their mooting skills. Herein, they are given the chance to make teams and argue the case in front of Judges, just like how it works in ‘Real Courts’. Just as the name suggests, Zeal is that which expects great enthusiasm as it being for the 1st semester students. Zenith on the other hand expects that time when something is powerful and thus being for the students studying in second year and above. Zenith and Zeal helps the students in developing excellent advocacy skills with legal insight and professionalism in the environment of friendly competition and thus capturing the spotlight as there are many more in this Moot Court Association. The MOP i.e., Moot Court Orientation Programme being another highlight as it through this we equip the students with the weapons and train them how to use it. Professionals from both the Legal field and Industrial field are invited to give that comprehensive training to students. These two being the highlight events out of all other events organized by the Moot Court Association, has and will act as mode to enhance and develop the mooting skills as wells as to develop as a person.MCA, SLS-H

Composition of the Committee:
Ex-Officio Chairman :
Dr. M. I. Baig, Director, Symbiosis Law School – Hyderabad
Faculty In-charge :Mrs. Ambrina Khan, Assistant Professor.

Student Quorum

President and Student Convener: Ms. Bhakti Madan

Vice-President and Co-conveners: Mr. Ekant Hiranandani, Mr. Pradnesh Lokegaonkar

Head, Planning and Execution: Ms. Megha Pillai, Ms. Ankita Roychoudhury, Mr. Akarsh S. V.

Head, Finance and Budget: Ms. Pooja Rao Putrevu

Head, PR and Advertisement: Ms. Ananya Muuthamma, Ms. Aritri Sarma

Head, Administration: Ms. Anubha Pandey