Centre for Specialization in Immigration and Citizenship Laws


The Centre for Specialization in Immigration and Citizenship Laws (CSICL) is a constituent centre of the Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, and was founded on 3rd January, 2019 under the leadership of the then Centre President, Anushka Misra and then Faculty In-Charge, Dr. D. Ganesh Kumar. Immigration and refugee applicants are among the most vulnerable consumers of legal services. Problems like language barriers and familiarity with the legal system are common challenges they face, which hamper their right to security, recognition and human dignity. The legal system has to work towards this area of law, especially in encouraging more law students towards becoming qualified, trained and assessed experts who can provide the professional help needed. With this in mind, the Centre was created with the objective of providing a platform to students of law school to pursue an interest in the field of citizenship and immigration laws, hoping to encourage enthusiastic and detailed research on these subjects of global importance. Since most law schools do not include this subject as a part of the curriculum, keeping in mind the proactive vision of the Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad to promote practical learning outside of classrooms, the Centre focussed on training students and inspiring interest in them towards these areas of law.


  • To build a centre that will help set new and higher standards for immigration and citizenship consultants. With virtual conferences and national seminars, in collaboration with leading organizations, legal institutions and activists in the field, the Centre aims to help transform the quality of immigration consultant services, and to raise awareness among law students on the plethora of challenges existing in the system.
  • The Centre hopes to effectively train more law students in the field of immigration and citizenship, and provide them with the skill sets needed to ensure immigrants are given equitable, accessible and humane legal aid.
  • The Centre plans on conducting multiple intra-collegiate events such as debates, guest lectures by experts, among others to promote research, learning and an active interest for the subject.
  • The Centre will also conduct a national event during the academic year to expand its educational impact to students of other law colleges as well.
  • The Centre eventually hopes to build a large network of law students, professors, activists, legal experts, and national and international authorities on immigration, to collaborate with them in conducting research and providing active aid and consultancy

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Under the guidance of

  • Dr. Santosh Aghav- Director, SLSH
  • Dr. Anuradha B – Deputy Director, SLSH
  • Dr. K. Shanti – Faculty In-Charge, CICL

List of Members

SNO Name of the Member Batch Designation in the Centre
Naman Priyadarshi 2020 – 2025 President
Anoushka Singh 2021– 2026 Vice President
Saloni Atul Kumar 2019– 2024Advisory Board
Aditya Saran2019– 2024Advisory Board
Twesha Karnani2019– 2024Advisory Board
Riya Palnitkar2019– 2024Advisory Board
Manav Kirtikumar Thakkar 2021– 2026 Head- Research and Publication Committee
Amritha Nandini 2021– 2026 Head- Organising Committee
Shaurya Vardhan Singh 2021 – 2026 Head- Organising Committee
Utkarsh Saxena 2021 – 2026 Head- PR & Media
Kadiyala Beula Grace 2020 – 2025 Member
S Raghaveendraa Prasad 2020 – 2025 Member
Parth Sarthi Garg 2021 - 2026 Member
Shreya Bose 2021 - 2026 Member
Vanshi R Popat 2022 – 2027 Member
Avichal Solomon 2022 – 2027 Member
Khushi Singh 2023 – 2028 Member
Tanishka Vashyan 2023 – 2028 Member
Hardik Gupta 2023 - 2028 Member
Abhishek Kumar 2023 - 2028 Member
Putcha Laya 2023 - 2028 Member
Jishnu Chakraborthy 2023 – 2028 Member
Saumya Thakur 2023 – 2028 Member

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