Centre for Corporate and Competition Law(CCCL)

Centre for Corporate and Competition Law(CCCL)


The Centre for Corporate and Competition Law (C.C.C.L.) was established in 2018 as a student-run centre with the goal of providing a forum for the students to explore and learn more about the complexities of Corporate and Competition Law, as well as to prepare them for the corporate world. C.C.C.L. has been successful in organizing a number of landmark events, including the first-ever National Corporate Restructuring Competition in India in 2019. In addition, we have successfully organized multiple national webinars, discussions, capsule courses, and a National Conference in competition law, with over 30 research paper submissions from around the country, many of which were in collaboration with the Competition Commission of India. We have also expanded our presence in banking law by offering a three-day value-added course on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. We have invited distinguished personalities such as Mr. Dhanendra Kumar, the first Chairperson of the C.C.I., and Dr. K. D. Singh, Joint Secretary for Law at the C.C.I., to deliver webinars on pertinent issues throughout the last two years. Our most recent event was the first-ever corporate consultancy competition held by S.L.S.-H. in the month of March 2022. In the month of June 2022, we are conducting the second edition of India’s ONLY National Corporate-Restructuring Competition.

CCCL aims to educate students about current business developments while also offering a conduit for members to network and collaborate in a corporate law community. The goal of CCCL is to enhance outstanding corporate knowledge and competition law research.


  • To build a community and provide a platform for students of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad to nurture their interest in Corporate and Competition Laws.
  • To provide the members first hand experience in the subject, and in conducting top-notch events, that promulgate the same.
  • To conduct research in various areas of the subject and publish it.
  • To keep the community updated on news and research in corporate and competition law.

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Under the guidance of

  • Dr. Santosh Aghav- Director, SLSH
  • Dr. Anuradha B – Deputy Director, SLSH
  • Ms. Shakshi Kothari– Faculty In-Charge, CCCL

List of Student Members

1 Adnan Hameed Advisory 2019-24
2 Sai Namrata Krishnaswamy Advisory 2019-24
3 Varun Agarwal Advisory 2019-24
4 Kumar Aditi Advisory 2019-24
5 Monika Natraj Advisory 2019-24
6 Bhumika Mishra President 2020-25
7 Aarohi Chouksey Vice President 2020-25
8 Shivani B Head, Research Committee 2020-25
9 Vranda Rellan Head, Organising Committee 2020-25
10 Prakruthi Balla Head, PR and Media Committee 2021-26
11 Chaitanya Sharma Co-Head, Research Committee 2021-26
12 M. Vyshnavi Co-Head, Organising Committee 2021-26
13 Srishti Soni Co-Head, PR and Media Committee 2021-26
14 Om Shukla Member 2021-26
15 Shreshtha Singh Member 2021-26
16 Venkatasai Prajwal Tella Member 2021-26
17 Ashirvad Gautam Member 2021-26
18 Tanaya Gandhi Member 2022-27
19 Nehal Poddar Member 2022-27
20 Dakshina Renjith Member 2022-27
21 Arpita Rathore Member 2022-27
22 Atishay Yadav Member 2022-27
23 Aadish Vasudevan Member 2022-27
24 Ashmitha Reddy Member 2022-27
25 Amitesh Paul Member 2022-27
26 Ananya Agarwal Member 2022-27
27 Mahi Thakur Member 2023-28
28 Vishal Bharadwaj Member 2023-28
29 Ananya Sinha Member 2023-28


Activities of the Centre :