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Centre forCorporateand Competition Law gives all the Students of the Institution a platformto showcase their interest towardsCorporateLaws. This is a sapling under the umbrella of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad that provides a social and academic forum to the Studentsinterested in participating or learning aboutCorporateLaws and Competition Law.CCCL seeks to educate students about the current development in the business world while providing a conduit for members to network and work in acorporatelaw community. The mission of CCCL is to promote qualitycorporateunderstanding and studying Competition Law in relation to it. CCCL is the first ever centre in the country to organise first of its kind events like NationalCorporateRestructuringCompetition, National Value Added Course on IBC and a National Quiz on Securities Law.
Corporate and Competition Law Forum seeks to educate and inform law students about current developments in business and corporate law while providing a conduit for members to network in the Indian business and corporate law community.


CCCL seeks to educate students about the current development in business world while providing a conduit for members to network and work in a corporate law community. The mission of CCCL is to promote quality corporate understanding and studying Competition Law in relation to it.



  • Mr. Avinash Singh
    Assistant Professor, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

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List of Members






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  1. Workshop on Corporate Restructuring and Annual Corporate Restructuring Competition: 2018

    The main focus of this workshop was to provide the students with an idea about Corporate Restructuring Methods and strategies, in order to facilitate their understanding while participating in theAnnual Corporate Restructuring Competition 2018.The competition was aimed at providing students an opportunity to solve a hypothetical realistic business case of a distressed company before an audience of experts in the turnaround/crisis management/restructuring industries. The problem was be based on the legal aspects of the Company Law and Competition Law thus making it ideal for law studentsas well as management students. This would be a first of its kind competition in India inspired by the Annual Restructuring Competition conducted by the American Bankruptcy Institute.

  2. Guest Lecture on Competition Law : 10th and 11th October, 2019

    Capsule Course on Competition Act, 2002. This event was conducted with the intention to bring to awareness topics like “Anti Competitive Agreements” and “Abuse of Dominance” etc. on the second day of the event topics that were majorly discussed in detail were “Combinations” and “Competition Policy for Digital Area”. A few other topics such as “Relevant Market”, “Cartels”, “Predatory pricing” and Merger Control” were discussed.The event was addressed by the notable speaker Ms.Anupam Sanghi, who is the founderof Anupam Sanghi & Associates. She is a pioneer in the field of Antitrust and Competition Laws, Commercial/Regulatory laws and Policy analysis and has spent almost two decades in her professional journey.

  3. JANUS: 22nd September 2018

    The event JANUS 2018 was conducted with the concept of Litigation and the Corporate sector. Three eminent lawyers Ms. Shireen Sethna Baria, Ms. M. Savithri Sravanthi and Mr T.Anand Subramanium from the field of litigation and corporate came to the students a talk about how they can proceed once they will receive their law degrees.The event was attended by roughly 100 students. In this event the speakers spoke from their own experiences and discussed the attitude and skills a lawyer should possess to do well in their future. Ms Shireen spoke from the options of Non Litigation which did not require practicing of law after graduating from law school. She worked in both litigation and corporate law which helped the students get a clearer picture as to what they wanted to get into. She addressed media and sports law as well. Ms Sravanthi and Mr Anand spoke about Non Litigation where law practice is necessary as in the Corporate Sector. And telling us how only dedication and hard work can give you successful future. The event ended with a round of questions and doubts the audience had which the panel delightfully answered.

  4. National Online Quiz on Securities Law : 13th June 2020

    This event was conducted during the pandemic which allowed the students to part take in thecompetition from home itself as education never stops. It was a 30 mins quiz conducted through Google Documents. It consisted of 60 questions and the sub themes were:1. Securities Contracts ( Regulation) Act 19562. Securities and Exchange Board of India Act 3. Public Issue Guidelines, Insider Trading and Takeover Code4. FEMA Regulations5. Prevention of Money Laundering (PMLA)The Question were made by D.V Rao Associates, a Prominent Firm dealing with topics of companies Law, a Charted Accountants firm in Hyderabad.

  5. 1st National Corporate Restructurring Competition: 17th – 18th AUGUST, 2019.

    This event was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Justice Shri. Rajasekhar Mantha on 17thAugust 2019. In this competition top eight teams qualified for the quarter finals after a very tuff competition in the preliminary rounds.Post lunch the quarter final round was conducted in which the teams displayedmagnificent skills between the teams to enter the semi-final rounds.At the end of the day the results of the quarter final rounds were declared, andfour teams made it to the Semi - finals.The following day the semi-final round was adjudicated by s.Akshita Surana, Practising Company Secretary and Ms.Ekta Bahl, SeniorPartner at Samvad Partners, Hyderabad. The following were a knockout rounds and the two teams qualifying for the final round.The finals of the National Corporate Restructuring Competition were held atin the Auditorium of the Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. The teams saw a grilling session of questions from the judges who presided over the finals. The event was concluded by a set of cultural events to brighten up the competition mood.

  6. Event Report of the Value-Added Course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy: 7th – 9thFebruary, 2020

    This event was inaugurated by our Chief Guest Dr Bhaskara Mohan Pundla, Advocate and Arbitrator, HighCourt of Telangana and Former Judicial Member, NCLT and our Guest of Honour Mr. Vasudev Rao Devaki, CS DV Rao Associates. This was an event which spread across for 3 days and in the first day 2 modules were coveredi.e. Introduction to Insolvency and Bankruptcy in India and the Authorities and Enforcement Mechanism in IBC following which there was an online evaluation of 15 marks of all the participants in the IT lab. For the second day the course was headed by Dr. Raja Mogili Amirishetty. Who took up Cross Border Insolvency. And the second half of the day was conducted by Ms. Aindita Roy Chowdhury, Partner- AZB. The same ended an offline exam being conducted of 15 marks. The 3rd and the last day was conducted by Ms. Jyoti B. Singh, Founder- Chamber of Jyoti BSingh, Mumbai the sessions of the 3rd day were conducted based on practicalapproach of the IBC and discussions of various Case Laws and Amendments were also made.