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About the Centre

The Legal Aid Centre at Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad was constituted on 28th February 2015, with an aim to provide free legal aid services and create legal awareness among the masses in the nearby vicinity. The team of Legal Aid Centre believes in bringing change from the rural ethos that surrounds Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.

The Constitution of India has provided through Article 39 A, that the state shall secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice, on the basis of equal opportunity and shall, in particular, provide legal aid, by suitable legislation or schemes or in any other way, to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities

The Legal Aid Centre of Symbiosis Law School believes that it is their duty to provide Legal Aid services to the villages surrounding us. The team of Legal aid Centre pledge to stand by them and provide them the most reasonable and speedy mode of justice.


  • To enhance legal awareness in the community and further the cause of social justice by providing legal aid to the underprivilege sections of the society

  • To amplify the consciousness among public and empower neighborhoods to claim their rights through legal literacy and capacity building

  • To be able to endow quality and proficient legal services to secure an efficient access of justice to the poor and needy

  • To organize awareness drives, training programs, legal aid camps and undertake research studies for propagation of legal knowledge and to make legal process a resourceful instrument of social development.


Faculty –in- charge

  • K. Shanthi

Centre Email :

List of Members

1 Sriharshita Chada
2 N Srinidhi Reddy
3 Meghna Mishra
4 Manogya Chava
5 Deepthi Reddy
6 Vinitha Reddy
7 Bhakti Khule
8 Nidhi AK
9 Ameya Thachappilly
10 Jaishuk Reddy
11 Yuktika Kadali
12 Sandra Lisa Philip
13 Harshwita Inuganti
14 Akshaya Chintala
15 Sanjana S
16 Tanisha Banerjee
17 Smrithi Sreekumar
18 Monika Nataraj
19 Varsha Chamakura
20 Priyanka Kannan
21 Sri Abhigna Pillalamarri
22 Shruthi Saravanan
23 Utkarsh Lohra

Activities conducted by the Cell/Centre:

  • Legal awareness programme on plea bargaining in Cherlapalli Central Prison (12th January, 2019)

  • Legal awareness drive for men & women campus maintenance staff (6th & 7th February, 2019)

  • Career guidance workshop in Mamidipally government school (9th February, 2019)

  • Legal Awareness camp & Survey in Modallaguda village (12th February, 2019)

  • Legal Awareness camp & Survey in Appareddyguda village (13th February, 2019)

  • Women's day celebrations (8th march, 2019)

  • Legal Awareness programme on women rights in Aamidipally government school (8th March, 2019)

  • Legal Awareness programme on ragging menace (8th July, 2019)

  • Legal Awareness programme on child friendly legal services (23rd July, 2019)

  • Legal services camp on NALSA Poverty Alleviation Scheme, 2015 (17th August, 2019)

  • Avagahana'19 - Respect for rights in digital age (14th September, 2019)

  • Legal awareness camp on NALSA Tribal Rights Scheme, 2015 (27th September, 2019)

  • Constitutional Law Classes for the students of Mamidipally Government School.

  • Entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Women Safety Wing, Telangana State Police on 13th March, 2020 at Women Safety Wing, Hyderabad.

  • Webinar on “Surge in domestic abuse with the onset of the global pandemic key challenges & measures” on 30th April, 2020.

  • Legal Aid Centre, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad in collaboration with the Women Safety Wing, Telangana State Police launched an online campaign, CybHER- “Making cyberspace safe for women & children” on July 15th.

Activities conducted by the Cell/Centre:

  • Legal Aid Centre has been awarded the best and active cell of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad