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Department of Competitive Exam Guidance


The Department of Competitive Exam Guidance is a budding addition to the Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad family. The main goal of this Department is to provide students with the support they need to succeed in various competitive exams such as Judicial Services, Administrative Services, Police Services, JAG, Banking Services, LL.M. entrances etc.


  • To develop awareness and enthusiasm amongst students in considering about different competitive examinations that open doors to varied potential career fields.
  • To organize guest lectures/workshops for the aspirants of these examinations by experts.
  • To make students understand the preparation strategies, possible difficulties people face while they are preparing for these competitive exams along with the challenges that such a profession might in itself pose.

Official Email-id of Centre:

Under the Guidance:

Dr. Santosh Aghav - Director, SLSH
Dr. Anuradha B- Deputy Director, SLSH Ms. Nikita Samdariya - Faculty In-Charge, DCE

List Of Members

Sr No. Name Batch Position Email ID
Smartaz Majumder 2018-23 President
Srijan Jain 2018-23 Vice President
Apoorva Ghore 2018-23 Secretary
Daniel Jecinth Kedasi 2018-23 Joint Secretary
Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari 2019-24 Finance and Logistics Supervisor
Siddharth Tripathi 2019-24 Research and Publications Superviso