Centre for Specialisation in Cyber Law Studies (CSCLS)

Centre for Specialisation in Cyber Law Studies (CSCLS)

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CSCLS is an in-house Centre established to focus on different aspects of cyber law through research, events and workshops. The Centre works to propagate the knowledge of rights and duties that a person needs to be aware of while navigating through cyberspace. The main focus of the Centre is to help the stakeholders have a better understanding of the nuances of this field and keep them abreast with the current cyber scenario, which changes notoriously fast which was distinctly done through all its events.


  • To create interest in the latest developments in cyber space
  • To conduct events that enable research, innovation and education in cyber space
  • To spread awareness about cyber crimes and safe practices in cyber space
  • To engage in debates and discussions about cyber laws
  • To encourage critical analysis of laws governing cyber space

List of Members - CSCLS

S.No Name of the Member Batch Designation in the Centre Official E-mail ID
1 Annapurna Devi Munaganti - Faculty In-charge annapurnadevi.m@slsh.edu.in
2 Asma Maryam 2019-2024 President asma.maryam@student.slsh.edu.in
3 Palaaksha Kandhari 2019-2024 Vice President palaaksha.kandhari@student.slsh.edu.in
4 Sakshi Gautam Singh 2019-2024 Head (Research) sakshi.gautam@student.slsh.edu.in
5 Gitanjali Sadan Pillai 2019-2024 Head (Organizing and PR & Media Committee) gitanjalisadan@gmail.com
6 Gayathri Vishwan 2020-25 Co-Head (Research) gayathri.viswan@student.slsh.edu.in
7 Kevin Thomas Jose 2020-25 Co-Head (Organizing and PR & Media Committee) kevin.thomas@slsh.edu.in
8 Ananya K N 2020-25 Member ananya.k@student.slsh.edu.in
9 Varsha Khowala 2020-25 Member varsha.khowala@student.slsh.edu.in
10 Ishika Busi 2020-25 Member ishika.busi@student.slsh.edu.in
11 Bevan Avil Pinto 2020-25 Member bevan.avil@student.slsh.edu.in
12 Gowtham S. S. 2020-25 Member gowtham.s@student.slsh.edu.in
13 Ayush Menon 2020-25 Member ayush.a@student.slsh.edu.in
14 Kanishk Shah 2021-26 Member 21010323057@student.slsh.edu.in
15 Varun Sanjay Baliga 2021-26 Member 21010323143@student.slsh.edu.in
16 Keerthana Manoj 2021-26 Member 21010324064@student.slsh.edu.in
17 Aditi Mishra 2021-26 Member 21010323004@student.slsh.edu.in
18 Rajamrit Das 2021-26 Member 21010324099@student.slsh.edu.in
19 S.Kaviya 2021-26 Member 21010323105@student.slsh.edu.in
20 Anjney Mittal 2021-26 Member 21010323015@student.slsh.edu.in
22 Ananya Agarwal 2022-27 Member 22010323089@student.slsh.edu.in
23 Shruthi Subramanian 2022-27 Member 22010323086@student.slsh.edu.in
24 Gowri Bipin 2022-27 Member 22010324080@student.slsh.edu.in
25 Ishika Chopra 2022-27 Member 22010324058@student.slsh.edu.in
26 Aarushi Srivastava 2022-27 Member 22010323094@student.slsh.edu.in
27 Mihika Pandit 2018-23 Advisory Board mihika_shailesh_pandit@student.slsh.edu.in
28 Madhumitha Ravindran 2018-23 Advisory Board madhumitha_r@student.slsh.edu.in
29 Kshipra Iyer 2018-23 Advisory Board kshipra_subramanian_iyer@student.slsh.edu.in

Activities & Achievements