Centre for Specialisation in Cyber Law Studies (CSCLS)

Centre for Specialisation in Cyber Law Studies (CSCLS)

About the Centre

Centre for Specialisation in Cyber Law studies (CSCLS) is an in-house center established in 2018 with the aim of educating, researching, and innovation the field of Cyber Law. The Centre focus on different aspects of cyber law through research, events and programmes. The centre works with the aim of propagating the knowledge of rights and duties that a person needs to be aware of while navigating through the cyberspace. Centre for Specialisation in Cyber Law Studies makes it a point to provide the knowledge of cyber security not just to the students of law but to everyone possible in order to enable a future without despair caused by misuse of cyberspace.


  • To create interest in the latest developments in cyber space
  • To conduct events that enable research, innovation and education in cyber space
  • To spread awareness about cyber crimes and safe practices in cyber space
  • To engage in debates and discussions about cyber laws
  • To encourage critical analysis of laws governing cyber space

Official Email-id of Centre :


Under the guidance of

  1. Dr. Santosh Aghav- Director, SLSH
  2. Dr. Anuradha B – Deputy Director, SLSH
  3. Ms. Heena Praveen – Faculty In-Charge, CSCLS

List of Members

S. No Name of the Member Batch Designation in the Centre Official E-mail ID
1 Ms. Heena Praveen - Faculty In-charge heena.praveen@slsh.edu.in
2 Mihika Pandit 2018-23 President mihika_shailesh_pandit@student.slsh.edu.in
3 KshipraIyer 2018-23 Vice President kshipra_subramanian_iyer@student.slsh.edu.in
4 Madhumitha 2018-23 Head PR and Media Committee madhumitha_r@student.slsh.edu.in
5 Faisal Feroz Khan 2018-23 Member faisal_feroz_khan@student.slsh.edu.in
6 Asma Maryam 2019-24 Member asma.maryam@student.slsh.edu.in
7 GitanjaliSadan Pillai 2019-24 Member gitanjali.sadan@student.slsh.edu.in
8 SakshiGautam Singh 2019-24 Member sakshi.gautam@student.slsh.edu.in
9 PalaakshaKandhari 2019-24 Member palaaksha.kandhari@student.slsh.edu.in
10 Karneet Kaur Bhasin 2019-24 Member karneet.kaur@student.slsh.edu.in
11 Tejas Bhardwaj 2019-24 Member tejas.bhardwaj@student.slsh.edu.in
12 Ananya K N 2020-25 Member ananya.k@student.slsh.edu.in
13 Gayathri Vishwan 2020-25 Member gayathri.viswan@student.slsh.edu.in
14 VarshaKhowala 2020-25 Member varsha.khowala@student.slsh.edu.in
15 Kevin Thomas 2020-25 Member kevin.thomas@slsh.edu.in
16 Rajamrit Das 2021-26 Member 21010324099@student.slsh.edu.in
16 Aditi Mishra 2021-26 Member 21010323004@student.slsh.edu.in
17 AnjneyMital 2021-26 Member 21010323015@student.slsh.edu.in
18 Sreeja Banerjee 2021-26 Member 21010323127@student.slsh.edu.in
19 K S Aravind 2017-22 Advisory Committee k.aravind@student.slsh.edu.in
20 Anandapadmanabhan V 2017-22 Advisory Committee anandapadmanabhan.v@student.slsh.edu.in

Activities & Achievements