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Mad Hatters Drama Club

About the Centre

The Mad Hatters Production is the official Drama Club at SLSH incorporated in the year 2015, and it endeavors to bring the best of drama and its various forms to light, with the aim to transform people’s minds through art. Acting, broken down to its barest essence, is the art of telling a story through performance. This idea is what drives actors or people just looking to have fun in the theatre forward, and it helps people get over a hefty portion of the stage fright so they could pursue bigger roles, and helped them grow the passion for acting, as it did with many other students here. We believe art can facilitate social messages while offering a space for people to grow and flourish. Today we create a united, open, and welcoming space in our Club to create art truly in the spirit of society. The college years are supposed to be spent doing the things you love, discovering more about yourself and learning a whole lot in the middle of it all, and the Drama Club does all of that and more with flying colors.

Objectives of the Club-

    The following are the objectives of the club:

  • To promote performing arts as a part of co-curricular activities.

  • To bolster communication skills, teamwork and creative imagination amongst the students.

  • To create awareness among students regarding the impact of theatre.

  • To inculcate soft skills like leadership, public speaking, and critical thinking etc. by holding short plays and theatre workshops.

Composition of the Centre for the Academic Year 2021-22:- Under the guidance of

Dr. Santosh Aghav- Director, SLSH

Dr. Anuradha B – Deputy Director, SLSH

Dr. Anita Sable – Faculty In-Charge

Mad Hatters Official Email-id- madhatters.dramaclub@slsh.edu.in







1 Shourya Kackar HEAD shourya.kackar@student.slsh.edu.in
2 Madhav Sharma CO-HEAD madhav.sharma@student.slsh.edu.in
3 Aayushman Sharma EVENT COORDINATION aayushman.sharma@student.slsh.edu.in
4 Aditya M. Saran CREATIVE aditya.mani@student.slsh.edu.in
5 Alina Tamkeen Shams CREATIVE alina.tamkeen@student.slsh.edu.in
6 Aman Srivastava MULTIMEDIA 21010323011@student.slsh.edu.in
7 Ananya KN MULTIMEDIA ananya.k@student.slsh.edu.in
8 Anikait Nair SCRIPT WRITING anikait.nair@student.slsh.edu.in
9 Aryan Bammi EVENT COORDINATION aryan.bammi@student.slsh.edu.in
10 Avantika Shanker CREATIVE avantika.shanker@student.slsh.edu.in
11 Chaitanya Sharma EVENT COORDINATION 21010323033@student.slsh.edu.in
12 Deepti Rathi EVENT COORDINATION deepti.rathi@student.slsh.edu.in
13 Himangi Nagar SCRIPT WRITING himangi.nagar@student.slsh.edu.in
14 Keerthana Manoj MULTIMEDIA 21010324064@student.slsh.edu.in
15 Kshetra Venkatesh SCRIPT WRITING kshetra.venkatesh@student.slsh.edu.in
16 Mukunda Yadav EVENT COORDINATION 22010323069@student.slsh.edu.in
17 Navya Anil SCRIPT WRITING navya.anil@student.slsh.edu.in
18 Oshi Yadav DRAFTING 21010323086@student.slsh.edu.in
19 Ojaswani Dixit EVENT COORDINATION ojaswani.dixit@student.slsh.edu.in
20 Palaaksha Kandhari SCRIPT WRITING palaaksha.kandhari@student.slsh.edu.in
21 Pranjal Sharma ADVISORY pranjal_sharma@student.slsh.edu.in
22 Sanchi Chadha CREATIVE 21010323112@student.slsh.edu.in
23 Sandali Sharma CREATIVE sandali.sharma@student.slsh.edu.in
24 Shashvat Vageesha SCRIPT WRITING 21010324115@student.slsh.edu.in
25 Shazia Yousuf CREATIVE 21010323117@student.slsh.edu.in
26 Shiva J Shankar ADVISORY shiva_j_shankar@student.slsh.edu.in
27 Likhitha Velamala EVENT COORDINATION velamala.likhitha@student.slsh.edu.in
28 Yashi Srivastava CREATIVE 22010323051@student.slsh.edu.in