Centre for Finance, Accountability, Corporate Governance and Transparency [C- FACT]


The Centre, established in 2018, emphasizes on sensitizing people on transparency and accountability in governance and creating and promoting quality research in the corporate arena. The centre and its members strive to provide a pathway to the knowledge seekers to excel in finance and corporate governance. Currently, the Centre is under the leadership of Ms. Sai Ananya Mysore of 2019-24 Batch and Mr. Sai Vivek Rao Beerelly of 2020-25 Batch, under the guidance of Ms. Shakshi Kothari, Assistant Professor at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.


To raise awareness on transparency and accountability in governance; to empower students, lawyers, citizens and public officials, to contribute effectively to ensure transparency and accountability in governance and to create and promote quality research in the area of transparency and accountability in governance.

To make Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad a Centre for discussion, debate and research in corporate law and to uphold the commitment of the rule of law and good governance.

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Under the guidance of

  • Dr. Santosh Aghav - Director, SLSH
  • Dr. Anuradha Binnuri – Deputy Director, SLSH
  • Ms. Shakshi Kothari – Faculty In-Charge, C-FACT

Our Team for the Academic Year 2022-23

S. No Name of the Member Batch Designation in the Centre Official E-mail ID
1 Ms. Shakshi Kothari - Faculty In-charge
2 Sai Ananya Mysore 2019-24 President
3 Sai Vivek Rao Beerelly 2020-25 Vice President
4 Ashraf Fathima 2019-24 Member
5 Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari 2019-24 Member
6 Krishna Sridhar 2020-25 Member
7 Deepika Maram 2020-25 Member
8 Divya K 2020-25 Member
9 Naimisa Madduri 2020-25 Member
10 Ritika Singh 2020-25 Member
11 Vranda Rellan 2020-25 Member
12 Ananya chakilam 2021-26 Member
13 Bhubaneswari Misro 2021-26 Member
14 Chowdavarapu A L Vyas Vatsal 2021-26 Member
15 Jovita J 2021-26 Member
16 Khushee 2021-26 Member
17 Prajjal Kumar Dam 2021-26 Member
18 Raveena R Savadi 2021-26 Member
19 Saket Ranjan 2021-26 Member
20 Shreya Singh 2021-26 Member

Activites & Achievements

  1. Le Maire 2019:

    A corporate Flagship event which incorporates MoU drafting, Contract drafting, and Negotiation. Le Maire is an initiative to cater to the students’ knowledge regarding legal advising and contract drafting which is amongst the most important aspects of the corporate world. Le Maire is a trio of MoU drafting, Swiss bidding and client advising since it has been intricately formulated to cover each and every step for an effective agreement formulation and engage in healthy debate between the Company Representative and Legal Advisor. Le Maire was judged by some of the most renowned legal scholars and highly experienced members of the legal fraternity to provide the correct guidance, motivation and feedback to the students in order to better their understanding and guide them in their future endeavors. Being the first ever event of such kind at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, the C-FACT family is highly honored and grateful to have got this opportunity which it plans to make the Best.

  2. Workshop on RTI Act, 2005 (February 28, 2020):

    The workshop on ‘RTI Act, 2005’ was a step towards making the students more vigil and aware of the right to information from the government in exercise of its duties- accountability and transparency. The ‘RTI Act, 2005’ workshop was organized by Prof. Y. Kishore Kumar, Faculty-in-charge, Centre for Finance Accountability, Corporate Governance and Transparency (C-FACT). The workshop on ‘RTI Act, 2005’ witnessed immense participation from colleges and the workshop was both interactive and very informative for them.

  3. Webinar on Financial Planning for Young Investors for The Global Money Week (March 25, 2021):

    The Webinar was addressed by Dr. Vishnu Kumar Balouva, Certified financial education trainer of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The Global Money Week is an annual global celebration initiated by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) to inspire children and youth to educate themselves about money, savings, creating livelihoods and gaining employment. This webinar mainly focused on financial training through an interactive session that equipped young minds with the knowledge and skills to manage money more effectively. It aimed at helping the youth make well-informed financial choices and encouraging financially responsible behaviour.

  4. A webinar on the Impact of the recent economic crisis on the Indian Financial Market (October 1, 2021):

    This webinar aimed to analyse the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic and how it has devastated the Indian economy, subsequently creating disturbances in the stock market. The webinar also aimed at deliberating upon and answering questions regarding investing in the stock market and the impact of the financial crisis on the market and the investors. The speaker for the webinar was Mr. Pranjal Kamra.