Sport Committee

Sports Committee

Sports & Games are essential components of human resource development, helping to promote good health, comradeship & spirit of healthy competition which in turn has positive impact on holistic development of personality of the Youth who is potential source of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration for development, progress and prosperity of a Nation and hence why here at SLS Hyderabad, we have our very own, Sports Cell.

The Sports committee comprises of 5 members and is responsible for conducting all sports events in the colleges and participation in all such events outside the college. The Sports committee till date has registered participation in different events and fests across our country, the initial participation started from participating in Symbhav 2k15, annual fest of SLS Pune in Cricket Tournament, and the Sports cell has organized different sports and recreational activities for the Induction programme for the batch of 2015-2020.

Off lately, the college participated in the Symbiosis Inter Institute Sports Competition, in which the college won the trophy for the Inter Institute Table Tennis Championship, 1st position which is the first trophy for the college in its first year. Later, the college Football team participated in Inter Institute Championship in which the qualified up till the 3rd round to be knocked out by the Champions of the year.

The Sports cell of the college also encourages participation amongst all the students as here at Symbiosis the emphasis is always at the overall development of a student/professional. The Sports cell is supplemented by a Cell Head who is Mr. Amit Jatale who is the guiding light to all sports activities and recreational activities being held on campus. The Sports and recreational activities are held at regular intervals to ensure the overall growth of students in the campus.

The Sports Cell of the college has a set of objectives to be achieved annually which are listed as follows –

  • To annually organize Symbiosis International University / Inter institute competitions in specified games and sports for the students & staff.
  • To advice on providing equal opportunities & encouragement students and staff for participation in sports at all levels.
  • To review the progress on developing, maintaining and optimally utilizing sports infrastructure.
  • To advice on promoting excellence in sports by encouraging participation in National and International championships in large numbers.