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The Training and Placement Cell is an integral part of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. The T&P Cell works on the enhancement of professional training to all the students of the esteemed institution.

The T&P Cell has been established with the goal of assuring thorough training and also to serve the purpose of placements to the students of the institution.

They shall perform on the principles of Democracy, Equity and Justice; no students will be disregarding in any manner, unless there is a justified reason. All the rules and regulations framed by the T&P Cell have been drafted under the supervision of the In-charge of the T&P Cell and have been approved by the Head of the Institution.


The primary objective of the T&P Cell is ensuring successful training and placement of the students and to facilitate the students to establish themselves in the professional legal industry. The Cell will try to achieve the following objectives –

  • To train the students for the professional field, through various workshops and practical training sessions.
  • To facilitate students with opportunities for internships and placements.
  • To develop industry-institution relations.
  • To train the students to match competition at the global level.


“The Training and Placement Cell will focus on the integral training and development of the students to match global standards, the cell will also emphasis on facilitating the students with every opportunity possible to achieve their career goals through various internship schemes and placements to successful students”


“The cell will conduct numerous workshops, training and development programs. since, the cell will function on the principles of democracy, equity and justice, the cell will provide internship and professional work exposure before the placement of the concerned students”

Keeping in mind the holistic development of every student that enters the institute, the Training & Placement Cell of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad strives to provide the best out-of-classroom experiences for its students. These experiences come in the form of guest lectures, internship opportunities, soft skills training, workshops and other activities which help in shaping the careers of our students.

Training & Placement Cell:

Internship is an integral part of the curriculum in the University since it provides a great opportunity for students to gain experience in a domain of their interest, create a network of contacts and develop their interpersonal skills, all this in addition to honing their skills to become a thorough professional in the field of law. To achieve this and much more, students must gain an understanding of the society at large and working with reputed advocates, law firms, NGOs and LPOs will elevate their learning immensely. During the internships, students also have an opportunity to secure PPOs which acts as an impetus for the students to work harder and with great commitment.

Internship Process:

Through internships, students are offered a sneak peek into the real world environment while undergoing a rigorous academic curriculum. Internships are a perfect platform to test and put theory to practice and thus students will be better prepared to face the challenges posed in a typical workplace after their duration of study.

The Training & Placement Cell facilitates internship opportunities in various industries and domains such as:

  1. Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Sessions Courts, Tribunals etc.

  2. Sitting judges

  3. Leading law firms across the country

  4. Reputed practicing and licensed advocates.

  5. NGOs

  6. LPOs

  7. Corporate Houses

  8. Pro bono projects.

The process followed by the cell is as follows:

Step 1: The student body along with the Placement Officer contact Corporate Houses/Law firms/Advocates/Courts/Judges etc seeking internship opportunities for the students.

Step 2: Depending on the response regarding availability of slots for internship, the students are informed of the requirement and criteria set by the recruiter.

Step 3: Results are vetted. CVs are gathered and sent to the recruiter for their perusal.

Step 4: CVs are thoroughly scrutinized by the recruiters after which they inform their decision on recruitment to the T &P Cell.


Objectives of the Internship Programme:

The main objectives of the internship programmes are to:

  1. Bridge the gap between the professional and the academic world.

  2. Provide students an opportunity to get some hands on experience in the professional legal world.

  3. Put theory to practice by trying out the concepts learnt in their classrooms to solve real world problems.

  4. Provide various opportunities in various domains/industries so that every student has a chosen field of interest at the time of the placement season.

  5. Supplement the knowledge of the students so that their participation in classroom activities is enhanced.

  6. Provide an insight into the various legal processes in any organization.

Previous Patrons:


All India Bengal Women's Union

Ambika Shishu Kendra

Aasraa Trust

Amcha Ghar

Bachpan Bachao Andolan



Bharti vichar Shodh Sansthan

Bless Foundation

Blue Cross of Hyderabad

Bihar Judicial Academy


Choti Si Asha

Child Rights and You

Consumer Guidance Society of India

Divya Disha


District Consumer Disputes Reddressal Forum Varanasi

Dream a Dream

Environmentalist Foundation of India

ETSY & ZRII, NGO-Australia

Edapply Cooperative Society


Human Rights Law Network

Hope Foundation

Human Rights Commission

Helpage India

Indian Society Responsibility Network

India Vision Foundation

Indian Institute of Cerebral Plasy

Indian Case Laws

Jeevan Yashodha Society

Kashi Seva Samithi

LEPRA Society



M. Venkatarangaiah Foundation

Make a Wish Foundation

Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association



Nyay Darshan

National Centre for Advocacy Studies


Navjyoti Foundation

People's Union for Civil Liberties

People For Animals

Rural Development Institute

Rural Litigation Kendra

Rotary International-Roper


Shilp Sadhana

Smile Foundation




Shepherds Widow Home

Surat Manav Seva Sang



Sri Parameswari Educational Society


Taragram Orcha

Tulsi Gramodyog Seva Samiti

Udaan Welfare Foundation



Adv. Suresh Chandrashekhar

Adv. Rajesh Singh Chauhan

Vikay Kumar Mukul

R. Rajappan

Diwakar Prasad Singh

Jishnu Chowdhury

Rajesh Arora

Dipak Kumar Mukherjee

Suresh Kumar Dhar

Avadh Kishore Agarwal

N. C. Bihani

Uma Shankar Sharma

Sancheti Balchand

Umesh Kumar Verma

Rahul N Ghuge

R Rajappan

Tarnada Rajasekhar Rao

Ranjit Kumar Singh


Adv. Vijay Malik

KS Chouhan

RS Choudhary

Beda Nand Mishra

Justice B. K. Misra

Mayuri Raghuvanshi

Law Firms

Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiative

Amaresh Singh & Co.

Adv M.T.Thacker & Associates

Garg and Garg Advocates, Agar(Malwa)

Iyer and Iyer Advocates

Indo-legal INC, Advocates

Khaitan & Co.

Kochhar & Co.

Karan Jawala & Co.

Lex Icons Attorneys and Legal Consultants

Lawyers for Human Rights International

Law & Legal Logistics

Mathur Associates

Mahmood Ali Vimala Mahmood

M.V. Kini & Co.

SGA Advocates & Solicitors

Sachin Srivastava & Associates

S Ramasubramaniam & Associates

Corporate Houses



JSR Tech

M P Power Management Company Limited

Outlife Adventure Pvt Ltd

Pepsico India Holdings private Limited

Schneider Electric

The Hindu

Techno Serve

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited


The Team:


Mr Vidyadhar Raghavan

(Placement Officer)


Mr Asmit Chitransh

(Student member)


Ms Srilakshmi Lekha Datla

(Student member)


Mr Subrato Angadi

(Student member)


Ms Sindhu Akella

(Student member)


Ms Mitushi Goyal

(Student member)


Ms Saipriya Velur

(Student member)


Mr Ritwik Raj

(Student member)


Ms Prachi Khatri

(Student member)


Ms Udepta Choudhary

(Student member)


Ms Shreya Ananth

(Student member)


Ms Shraiyashi Bhatt

(Student member)


Ms Mahima Sharma

(Student member)


Mr Dylan Sharma

(Student member)


Mr Yash Bajpai

(Student member)

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Analysis of Internship