General Introduction of the Centre, Regarding its establishment An indispensable constituent of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, Centre for Real Estate and Taxation Laws is a team of determined students passionate towards the advancement in legal aspect of the real estate sector and taxation laws. CRAT is a forum for research and advocacy on Real Estate and Taxation laws to increase awareness among people about the updated regulations of Real Estate and Taxation. The centre and its members aim to provide a platform to the budding leaders to sharpen their skills in this field.


  • To promote interest in Taxation and Real Estate Laws as an academic discipline as well as a career option
  • To carry out research in Taxation and Real estate Law
  • To organize/conduct academic oriented programs related to the Taxation and Real estate Law
  • To organize competition and conference of national stature
  • To seek to increase Taxation literacy for better understanding of the financial market.
  • To act as a facilitator for intellectual debates on the domain of Taxation and Real Estate law by regularly arranging for symposiums, seminars and workshops
  • To create awareness, to exchange intellectual ideas and to trace the latest developments in relation to the Taxation and Real Estate Law.
  • To promote research and study of Taxation and Real estate Law, The Centre’s mission is to guide students towards policy-oriented study and research of issues impacting corporate regulation, governance and Taxation law and laws in real estate in the context of emerging national and international trends, and opportunities.

Official Email-id of Cell/Centre :


Under the guidance of

  • Dr. Santosh Aghav- Director,  SLSH
  • Dr. Anuradha B – Deputy Director,  SLSH
  • Dr . D Ganesh kumar – Faculty In-Charge,  CRAT

List of Members

S. No Name of the Member Batch Designation in the Centre Official E-mail ID
1 Heena Praveen - Faculty In-charge
2 Brinda Singhania 2018-23 President
3 Mayank Sharma 2018-23 Vice President
4 Adyasha Das 2018-23 Member
5 Anurag Kumar 2018-23 Member
6 Shantanu Patel 2018-23 Member
7 Meenakshi Jena 2019-24 Member
8 Sahitya Laxmi Vyala 2019-24 Member
9 Disha Sivakumar 2019-24 Member
10 C. Harini 2020-25 Member
11 Sreeraga 2020-25 Member
12 Sejal Chaturvedi 2020-25 Member
13 Kuvalaya Datt Reddy 2020-25 Member
14 Ojaswani Dixit 2020-25 Member
15 Prathyusha Kalakuntla 2020-25 Member
16 Ananyaa K N 2020-25 Member
17 Akhila S Nedungadi 2020-25 Member
18 Bevan Anil Pinto 2020-25 Member