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Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution, aims to effectively train the students in the areas of ADR. The Centre plans on achieving this mission by promoting and providing the students via various activities, workshops, competitions and counselling sessions via planned academic calendar for efficient and effective learning. The centre aims to bridge the gap between the students and industry leaders and other such relative bodies for a successful practical learning and collaboration which takes a core segment of law school learning. Centre’s objective and approach to fulfilment of such objectives are dynamic in nature, taking into account the fast-paced industry with an aim to provide the students with an edge.


To establish a centre at the University that can help in contributing back to the society through providing Alternative Dispute Resolution services.


To ensure that students are effectively trained in areas concerning Alternative Dispute Resolution and refine their mediation and negotiation skills along with imparting comprehensive knowledge of laws and regulations concerning Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms to produce fair outcomes for disputes


  • To create awareness in the society with regard to Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques.

  • To acquaint students with laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

  • To promote academic research on themes pertaining to the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. 

  • To train the students in the fields of Alternate Dispute Resolution. 

  • To provide a platform for students to showcase their skills pertaining to Alternative Dispute Resolution. 

  • To provide students with practical experience and guide them in Alternative Dispute Resolution competitions. 

  • To facilitate interaction among students, faculty and legal practitioners and develop consultations with government and other stakeholders. 

  • To collaborate with various centre's and institutions across India and abroad to conduct training programmes.


Faculty –in- charge

  • Mr. Hifajatali H. Sayyed

  • 8149497706

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The Inauguration of Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) took place on 24th September 2017. The Inauguration was done by Prof. Dr. David Ambrose, Dean, School of Law, University of Madras and Mr. Kalyan Jhabakh, Partner Surana and Surana, alongside Sampath Bulusu General Manager Legal and Corporate Affairs- Shell Hazira LNG and Port Companies., and Dr. M.I Baig, Director of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.


List of Members

1 Vatsala Pandey President 9100856821 15010323165
2 Vivek Joshi Vice-President 9959474590 15010323101
3 Sivasubramanian Head –Planning & Execution 9629269381 15010323173
4 Akshat Agrawal Head –Research & Blog 8800436930 15010323057
5 Rohan Gulati Officiating President 9810993137 17010324047
6 Kanishka Officiating Vice-President 8106870840 17010323087
7 Neha Koppu Head – Training & Allotment 8106022426 17010323096
8 RituShivkumar Head – Documentation & Tabulation Officiating Head – Planning & Execution 8452970217 17010324046
9 Meghna Gupta Dy. Head - Finance & PR 9121901735 18010323080
10 Abhigya Dwivedi Dy. Head - Training & Allotment 7566277433 18010324005
11 Manasvi Reddy Member 7032806369 17010324022
12 Niharika Berry Member 9914032431 18010324092
13 Shreya Gupta Member 8106209027 18010324133
14 SmrutiPoola Member 9963744744 18010324140
15 Surabhi Srinivasan Member 8722350390 18010324149
16 VisheshGogia Member 9701224197 19010324101
17 Sumedha S. Vadhulas Member 7975999382 19010323119
18 SwethaPamidi Member 8185049345 19010324106