Centre for Specialisation in Business & Innovation (CSBI)

About the Centre

India has never been as desperate for innovation as in recent years. The Centre for Specialisation in Business & Innovation (C.S.B.I) at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad was established with the prime motive of promoting innovative ideas and thoughts to facilitate the creation of social enterprise knowledge. This has been carried out through research, workshops and events to empower students to develop and apply their entrepreneurial skill-set to create a greater social impact and to help in the development of the nation. C.S.B.I is the brainchild of K. Mukhendu Kaushik and Chakradhar Reddy of the batch of 2015-2020 of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. The Centre was inaugurated by the Former Hon’ble Finance Minister of India, Late Shri Arun Jaitley and the Cabinet Minister of Information and Technology of Telangana, Shri Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao on 24th July 2016. Currently, the Centre is under the leadership of Anshul Bhuwalka and Deeksha Prakash of the batch of 2017-2022. Under the guidance of Dr. Prageetha G. Raju, the Centre aims to accomplish a whole new level of success.

Aims / Objectives of the Centre:

    C.S.B.I is a one-stop hub for business, law and innovation. The Centre works per the following objectives:

  • To promote innovation by encouraging students to undertake activities and to participate in events and competitions that promote the same.
  • To make every student aware of the need for business in the field of law and how the collaboration of the two would result in an effective outcome.
  • To undertake qualitative research work to assist governmental and non-governmental forums in drafting policies for the public good.
  • To help students in their entrepreneurial ideas by facilitating the establishment of their start-up from scratch.
  • To promote entrepreneurship on campus through the promotion of innovative ideas and facilitation of appropriate platform/s for the same.
  • To make people aware of the changes in the business world through effective management and information sharing via social media.

Faculty-in-charge (with designation): Dr. Prageetha G. Raju (Associate Professor, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad)

Official Email-id of Centre: csbi@slsh.edu.in

List of Members with official Email Id only

SL No. Name of member Email Id
1. Anshul Bhuwalka (President) anshul.bhuwalka@student.slsh.edu.in
2. Deeksha Prakash (Vice- President) deeksha.prakash@student.slsh.edu.in
3. Shruti Ganguly shruti.ganguly@slsh.edu.in
4. Palakh Agrawal palakh.agrawal@slsh.edu.in
5. Shanika Goel shanika.goel@slsh.edu.in
6. Pranav Monani pranav.Monani@slsh.edu.in
7. Dheeraj Kumar dheeraj.kumar@student.slsh.edu.in
8. Sritarun Srigiriraju sritarun.srigiriraju@student.slsh.edu.in
9. Subrahmanya Bhanu subrahmanya.duvvuri@student.slsh.edu.in
10. Kalpalathikaa M kalpalathikaa.m@student.slsh.edu.in
11. Apurva Kumar Das apurva_kumar_das@student.slsh.edu.in
12. Jyotiranjan Nayak jyotiranjan_nayak@student.slsh.edu.in
13. Merin George merin_george@student.slsh.edu.in
14. Aditya Datha aditya_datha@student.slsh.edu.in
15. Bobbala Jyothirmai bobbala.jyothirmai@student.slsh.edu.in
16. Siddhi Gupta siddhi.gupta@student.slsh.edu.in
17. Adnan Hameed K. P. adnan.hameed@student.slsh.edu.in
18. Joseph Padikkala joseph.antony@student.slsh.edu.in
19. Saurav Menon p.saurav@student.slsh.edu.in
20. Darsha Prakash p.darsha@student.slsh.edu.in
21. Prashastha Cormaty prashastha_cormaty@student.slsh.edu.in
22. Rahul Prasad Sambhu rahul_prasad_sambhu_manikonda@student.slsh.edu.in

Activities conducted by the center:

The Centre is constantly engaged in hosting numerous events every year since its inception; these events include the marriage and efficient usage of business acumen and legal knowledge to be adjudged as the winner. Following are the events that have been hosted by C.S.B.I.:

  • Ignite

    Our flagship event, inclusive of an entrepreneurship workshop, a business plan competition and a seminar conducted over three days to ensure the students learn the essentials of a start-up in today’s world.

  • P2P (Peer – To – Peer Session)

    OThe event is conducted at fortnightly intervals by the Centre wherein a peer hosts an interactive session on any topic ranging from law to business to culture to politics.

  • Concurrence

    The event comprises an issue that requires mediation between the participants acting in the capacity of a Business Development Manager and the participants acting in the capacity of a Legal Consultant for the same company. A crucial decision for the company is at stake here.

  • IPL Auction

    The event is organized by the Centre annually comprising a Mock IPL Auction organized for the students on campus. The event entails all due procedure for bidding of IPL Teams to a restricted budget which team managers (participants) strictly follow.

  • Asymmetric Shock

    OThe event was a national-level model World Economic Forum. It was organised in a replication of the sessions of the World Economic Forum which signifies the happening of an unexpected event, that as a crisis, affects one or more economies more significantly than the rest. This has the potential to create big problems for policy-makers if they are trying to set a macroeconomic policy, which works for the area/s affected directly and indirectly by the shock.

  • Workshops

    The Centre hosts various workshops on campus on topics that relate to business and/or the law. The last workshop that was conducted was based on maternity law. It was conducted by Dr. Meeta Sengupta who is a fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, enlightening the students regarding all the steps being taken towards sensitization and implementation of maternity laws in the country.

    Research Projects:

    The Research Department of the Centre has been working on various projects to develop effective policies that could be presented as a plausible solution to the authority that is directly concerned with the issue.

  • Sports Law Policy

    The objective behind drafting this policy was to promote the participation of the people in the field of sports and fitness along with increasing the awareness regarding issues that, once resolved, might well result in the welfare of aspiring and current athletes. The promotion of overall infrastructure in the sphere of sports is the main intention of this policy. The Centre also presented the policy to the Sports Authority of Telangana.