Research & Publication Cell

Research & Publication Cell

Research & Publication Cell

The Research and Publication Cell at SLS-H is created to promote and develop the research activities of the academic community at SLSH. Critical thinking is an indispensable skill required for the academia and for the lawyers. The courses that are offered at SLS-H has the broader objective of encouraging the researching skills of the law students right form the preliminary stages of their law course and aim at inculcating interdisciplinary, empirical research etc. Teaching and learning law requires critical reflections and also rigorous research. Publication of research work takes the research to greater heights as it promotes the dissemination of the knowledge generated for societal benefits. The cell supports research activities of the academic community at SLSH in multifarious ways aiming at promoting research and at the same time by maintaining academic integrity.

Objectives of the Cell

The objective of the cell is to,

  • Inculcate critical thinking amongst the students to visualize, correlate, encapsulate, and explain various kinds of information for meaningful purposes and to expand their horizons of thought and knowledge.
  • Convert their thoughts into tangible ideas using legal and management databases in order to present them with a new dimension.
  • Identify new trends in various academic domains and develop the capacity to converge it for legal enrichment.

Composition of Research and Publication Cell

The following faculty members are the Head and Co-Heads of the Research and Publication Cell.

Dr. Sanu Rani Paul: Head, Research and Publication Cell Assistant Professor

Dr. Shailendra Kumar: Co-Head, Research Projects Assistant Professor

Mr. Hifajatali H Sayyed: Co-Head, Student Research Assistant Professor