Research & Publication Cell

Research & Publication Cell

Research & Publication Cell

SIU is running integrated Law Programs, for instance, BA LLB and BBA LLB appreciating the need for interdisciplinary integration for legal enrichment. In the wake of the above, various clubs are constituted to help students have hands-on- experience with various aspects of application from different courses of their curriculum. Research and Publication Cell, SLSH, is one such attempt which is set up to inculcate and nurture probing, organizing, data collecting, interpretation and writing research articles.

The center is committed to excellence in legal and multidisciplinary research for legal enrichment. Also, the Institute is providing a host of legal databases and business databases which aid the student in problem identification, information gathering, and analysis.

Objectives of the Cell

The objective of the cell is to,

  • Inculcate probing behavior amongst students to be able visualize, correlate, encapsulate, and explain various kinds of information for meaningful purposes and to expand their horizons of thought and knowledge.
  • Convert their thoughts into tangible ideas using legal and management databases in order to present them with a new dimension.
  • Identify new trends in various academic domains and develop the capacity to converge it for legal enrichment.

Composition of the Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, Director, Symbiosis Law School-Hyderabad.

Faculty Incharge: Prof. S Dwarakanath , Symbiosis Law School, Head-Research and Publication cell.

Others: Dr. Jayendra Kasture , Symbiosis Law School, Co-Head Research Project., Dr. Sanu Rani Paul , Symbiosis Law School, Co-Head Research Publication., Mr. Hifajatali Sayyed , Symbiosis Law School, Co-Head Student Research.