The Centre for rights of Differently Abled (CRDA)


The Centre for the Rights of Differently Abled aims to provide and improve the academic material for the rights of differently-abled people. It dreamed to create a better place for the differently-abled person in the society to lead a dignified life. The vision and mission of the centre are to conduct academic activities across and attain the height of social sustainability. In order to achieve this, the centre will undertake research activities to understand the issues and challenges faced by differently-abled persons and it will also collaborate with various organisations including NGOs in this process. The Centre will act as a catalyst for the rehabilitation of differently-abled persons with the help of various NGOs and assistance from the Government.


  • To sensitize the students and society about the rights of differently-abled persons.
  • To understand the issues and challenges of differently-abled persons and to impart knowledge about legal and policy measures devised for their welfare.
  • To act as a catalyst in understanding and creating a responsible civil society for the differently-abled persons
  • To carry out research on legal and policy developments on disability rights whereby recommendations to the welfare of the disabled.
  • To reach out to persons with disabilities through a community outreach programme to ensure and promote community participation.
  • To collaborate with various NGOs to fulfil the objective of ensuring a better life for the differently-abled persons by protecting and promoting their rights and interests.

Official Email-id of Cell/Centre :

Under the guidance of

  • Dr. Santosh Aghav- Director, SLSH
  • Dr. Anuradha B – Deputy Director, SLSH
  • Mr. Shashikant Saurav – Faculty In-Charge, CRDA

List of members with official Email id only:

1 Swadhin Khatua 2018-23 President
2 Samruddhi S Shetty 2019-24 Vice President
3 Aditi Nagesh 2017-22 Advisory Committee
4 Riya Sinha 2017-22 Advisory Committee
5 Amy Ruby Paul 2018-23 Member
6 Rimsha Bhardwaj 2019-24 Member
7 R. Raaj Mohan 2019-24 Member
8 Akshara P Kamath 2019-24 Member
9 R. LokeshwariVarshika 2019-24 Member
10 Ankit Amartya 2019-24 Member
11 Shrishta Rao 2020-25 Member
12 RiddhiKashyap 2020-25 Member
13 Abigail Thimothy 2020-25 Member
14 Mimansa Roy 2021-26 Member
15 KashishMathur 2021-26 Member
16 BhumikaUrs 2021-26 Member
17 Anjney Mittal 2021-26 Member
18 AnanyaVaish 2021-26 Member

Activities conducted by the Centre


    COLLOQUY is a series of talk show to create awareness regarding disability and related issues. COLLOQUY 3 took place during the road safety week (11th- 17th January), which aims to educate students about disabilities which are caused during road accidents and makethem aware of the precautions to be taken while travelling on the roads. This event was helpful in understanding the problems and stereotypes faced by disabled. The event was also amied to make students aware about ways to tackle the disability and move ahead in life.

    (Shri Shanmukha Rao Dharmana while addressing the gathering)

    (Our guest Harsha Karamchati addressing the gathering)


    The Centre for the Rights of Differently Abled (CRDA), a research based centre of Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad (SLS-H), is proud to report that on 15th of February, 2020, the CRDA team successfully conducted One Day Workshop on Violence on women with disabilities in collaboration with Sruti Disability Centre, Kolkata at Symbiosis Law School-Hyderabad campus.

    (A group photo with Director, Faculty in charge, guests and participants)

    (Ms. Shampa Sen Gupta)

    (Mr. Pavan Muntha)

    (Ms. Srinidhi Rghavan)

  3. 3. Webinar on The Rights of Differently Abled during Covid-19: Issues and Concerns

    The Centre hosted a Webinar on May 16th, 2020 at 6:00PM on the topic, “The Rights of Differently Abled During Covid-19: Issues and Concerns” to sensitise the public regarding the difficulties the differently abled face during these challenging circumstances and what can be done to make things better.

    (Mr. Maitreya Shah)

    (Mr. Narsing Rao Bongurala)

    (Ms. Shampa Sen Gupta)



  1. Research paper: An Empirical Study on Disability Rights by Bhavana, Akshara Kamath, Saumya, Arijit and Askhay Jain, published in Volume 1 Issue III of Lexforti Legal Journal (ISSN 2582-2942)

  2. Research paper: An Analytical Study on accessibility for persons with Disability in India by Riya Sinha, Waghisa and Ankita Kar, published in Volume 1 Issue III of Lexforti Legal Journal (ISSN 2582-2942).

Collaboration and MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

  1. The Centre has collaborated with Sruti Disability Centre, Kolkata to conduct one workshop to sensitize students about disability issues and rights in the Month February

  2. The Centre has also signed memorandum of understanding with Sruti Disability Centre, Kolkata to further collaborate in future to conduct surveys, workshop, seminars, conferences and share data related to disabled so that both could research on it.