Debate & Literary Cell

Debate & Literary Cell

Symbiosis has a rather long history of productive and opulent cultural meets, and the Hyderabad campus carries that legacy and heritage. As a part of this The Debate and Literary Cell has been established to provide a platform to the students to find a space to interact, exchange and perform—and boost their cultural acumen. The seed is planted; we shall soon grow into a forum of creative excellence.

Admittedly, the curricula are demanding and sometimes extremely time consuming, leaving very little space to engage into any other intellectual activity. Also, culture, especially by the sub continental definition, is treated as a sub-field—a pastime or fanciful time-spender. We, however, shall make our own time and space to absorb into the culture that nourishes nurtures and hones our instincts— parallel and sometimes beyond regular academics. That is also why this is called the ‘Activity‘ Cell, because the Debating and Literary and we aim to be an ever-active, ever-engaged unit to sharpen our mnemonic acumen. We shall change lives, our own and beyond.

Composition of the Committee:

Faculty In-charge: Dr. Srinivas Bandameedi

Student Team: Margdwitee, Joby noble, Aditi Khullar, Chitra Longani, Divyanshi Tahiliani, Sharbani Mahaptra, Saumya Kapoor, Shivani Srivastava, Navneet Dogra, Bharat Rathore, and Pravalika Balaram.