Literary & Debate Cell

Literary & Debate Cell

Symbiosis has a rather long history of productive and opulent cultural meets, and the Hyderabad campus carries on that legacy and heritage. As a part of this, the Literary and Debate Cell has been established to provide a platform to the students to find a space to interact, exchange and perform—and boost their cultural acumen.

Admittedly, the curricula are demanding and sometimes extremely time consuming, leaving very little space to engage into any other intellectual activity. Also, culture, especially by the sub continental definition, is treated as a sub-field—a pastime or fanciful time-spender. We, however, shall make our own time and space to absorb into the culture that nourishes, nurtures and hones our instincts— parallel to and, sometimes, beyond regular academics.


About the Literary and Debate Cell

The Literary and Debate Cell is established to provide students the opportunity to liberate their thoughts, and act as a platform to voice their opinions and sharpen oratory skills. Literature is necessary to keep culture, art, heritage, tradition, and most importantly imagination, alive. This Cell aspires to create an environment to celebrate, discuss and promote literature.

The Cell also plays the key role functioning as the Debate Society of SLS-H. It is actively engaged in providing a substantial and unrestricted foundation for students to explore the world beyond textbooks where the freedom of speech, dissent and discussion of significant social issues are vital for change and well-being of the society. It is keenly focused on providing all the necessary opportunities to the students of SLS-H to gain more confidence and promote interest in the debating culture. The Literary and Debate Cell acts as the perfect platform for students to promote their interest in Literature and Debating.

About the Literary Fest

Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad is all set to host its 1st National Literary Festival from 7th to 8th September, 2019. This Lit Fest will seek to accommodate students from several academic disciplines from across the country. The Literary and Debate Cell of SLS-H is organising this event, with the aim to promote interest in literature and enhance the oratory skills of the Nation’s youth. This event would also ensure that students get the opportunity to witness and participate in an erudite discussion on globally emerging and imperative issues.

This Literary Fest shall span two days and will have events ranging from Parliamentary Debates to Panel Discussions among renowned personalities from the fields of literature, journalism, politics and law. It shall also feature events such as Creative Writing Competitions and Workshops, Pop Quiz, Open Mic, and many other exciting events. The Lit Fest will incontrovertibly act as a boost to each participant by providing memorable and worthy experiences.


1.British Parliamentary Debate

The facility to disagree, convey, articulate, and emphasise arguments can essentially be understood as the lifeline of a democracy and is also vital for responsible governance of the people. The freedom of speech, dissent and discussion of social issues is vital for the change and well-being of the society. Debating is an art which facilitates these aspects and acts as the voice of a democracy.

British Parliamentary Debate is the debating style which is fairly more competitive than other debating styles. SLS-H proudly invites debaters from all over India to take part in its Parliamentary Debate. Honouring the rich debating culture of the youth, this is an initiative to get the best debaters in the country on to a common platform for an unforgettable and enlightening debating experience. We feature an excellent adjudication core, engaging motions and an unmatchable experience.

2.Panel Discussion

The Hon’ble Supreme Court has, in the preceding year, shown a hyper- activist attitude by delivering landmark judgments one after the other. In light of the same, Panel Discussion 1 is centred on the theme “The Evolution of Public Morality and Constitutional Morality: An Analysis of the Recent Supreme Court Judgments.”

Our second Panel Discussion is equally studded with experts from the arena of the Press, stimulating an intellectual discussion of relevant issues from all facets of the society. In our fight for change, they act as the voice. To give a platform to this voice, Panel Discussion 2 is on the topic, “As the 4th Estate of a Democracy, is the Media Influenced or Influencing?”

3.TTT Workshop

Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) is the internet’s most loved story-telling platform, reaching out to over 12 million people, every week. They are incredibly famous among youngsters for their short and quirky writing style to convey long messages. TTT has come out with quick-to-read stories in the era of dwindling attention spans, collaborating with many of the world’s finest writers. Using micro-fiction, TTT has impacted the youth by discussing and depicting numerous social issues. It is the future of story-telling.

We are pleased to announce that TTT will be conducting a Flagship Writing Workshop to add pomp and splendour to our National Literary Fest. We invite budding artists, creative writers and curious minds to attend the workshop. With only limited seats up for grabs, hurry up and register now.

4.Pop Quiz

Popular culture is everywhere. It is all over the internet, in your playlist, when you’re binge watching shows, gaming, watching a movie or reading about your favourite celebrity. You know the artists, the actors and actresses, sports personalities and the games they play.

Want to show off your knowledge about Pop culture? We have just the thing for you.

We call upon you to take part in our Pop quiz. Featuring questions ranging from music, movies, books, series, art and culture, we present to you the perfect opportunity to prove yourselves. Pop culture is fun, fascinating and is at the centre of our lives.

5.Open Mic

To make your voice heard, loud and clear, what’s better than an open mic?

Open Mics have proven to be an excellent medium for communication of ideas, promotion of interests and an amazing source of entertainment. We invite all artists to showcase their talent for singing, rap, beat boxing, stand-up comedy, poetry and the like. Before an audience, impatient for a good time, we await entertainers for a fun-packed night. This is a terrific opportunity for entertainers to enthral the crowd and leave them speechless. Grab a mic, and let the fun begin!

6.Poster Exhibition-cum-Sale

How many times have we looked at empty hostel room walls and yearned for posters to adorn them with?

We are calling for poster entries for our poster exhibition-cum-sale. We are opening entries to accept artistic posters that will help add some colour and zest to empty hostel room walls. The posters can be hand-drawn or graphic, based on any theme of the artist’s choice. This is a fair chance for young artists to flaunt their skills. What’s a better chance for your art to be on somebody else’s walls?

7.Creative Writing

Do you have a story to tell, a message to convey or a poem inside you, waiting to take form? We invite you to give wings to your words with our creative writing competition. Blossoming writers, poets and story tellers from all over India are invited to take part in ‘Susciter’, our Online Creative Writing Competition. We invite entries based on creative themes, acceptance of which will happen online, so that it is easily accessible to everybody and the only limitation is the extent of your creativity.

So let your imagination flow, limitless!

8.Spoken Poetry

Bored of the conventional way of writing and reciting poetry? Want to mix your emotions into your poetry as you present it? We’ve got you covered.

Spoken poetry is poetry written for the purpose of it being performed, by the creator himself. It is a popular practice among urban poetry enthusiasts. Performance as well as adherence to rhyme, form, scheme and character becomes important elements in this practice. This practice enables you to modulate your voice, move and express yourself when you are presenting your work. It offers a virtual spotlight for you to create as well as perform.

We invite you to record yourself performing your own poetry and send it in to us. You’ll be speaking to the world through your poetry, literally.

9.Event Reporting

Live bloggers, attention please!

We present an excellent opportunity for live bloggers to come forward and showcase their ability to be precise, creative, quick and witty. You get a chance to collaborate with us, and provide coverage of our events, through live blogging. This will act as an added perk to your CV, if you are a professional, and excellent exposure if you aren’t. Register now for the title of the official live bloggers of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad’s National Literary Fest.

10.Book Promotion

Looking for a book to read and reasons to read it? We can help you.

We are offering an exciting opportunity for you engage with a reputed author through our book promotion event. You get a chance to interact with the author, learn about his/her book and understand more about it. If you are a struggling author yourself, you can explore the journey of how a fair manuscript becomes a book, and comprehend such experiences, first hand.

Please find attached our Rule Book for the abovementioned competitions.

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