Centre of Gender Studies (CGS)

About the Cell/Centre

The Centre for Gender Studies, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad was established to provide students with an opportunity to liberate their thoughts, act as a platform to voice their opinions, sharpen their oratory skills, and to create an environment to celebrate, discuss and promote gender studies among students. The center aims at creating an intellectual locus for gender focused research, teaching and academic debates related to gender equality. The center also organized and coordinated gender debates of both national and international interests as well as linking up with national and international gender affiliate people, institutions and organizations in order to strengthen the capacity of students and researchers to respond to the gender related challenges in development issue.

Aims / Objectives of the Cell/Centre:

    The issue of gender has been a matter of discussion and deliberation, both at the international and national levels from a long time. With the increased participation of women in the economic, social, political and religious spheres of life, the instances of gender discrimination and crimes against women in India have increased multi-fold.

    The following are the key objectives of the Centre For Gender Studies-

  • To make the students sensitive about how gender plays a key role in the way women and men participate in social, political, economic and cultural institutions and activities.
  • To enable them to analyze the policies, constitutional provisions, and programmes relating to gender issues in India.
  • To develop an understanding of the structures that perpetuates gender inequalities at the level of the household, the community, the workplace, and the State.
  • Encourage a Gender debate in academic circles .

Faculty-in-charge (with designation): Dr. Priyanka R. Mohod

Official Email-id of Centre:

List of Members with official Email Id only

SL No. Name of member PRN Batch Email Id
1. Shubhangi Dixit 16010323155 2016-21
2. Smriti P. Rao 17010323054 2017-22
3. Aindrila Ghosh 17010323067 2017-22
4. Sanjana Shrivastava 17010324053 2017-22
5. Ashi Pahariya 17010323077 2017-22
6. Varda Prasad 17010324069 2017-22
7. Kartik Bohra 18010324063 2018-23
8. Adyasha Das 18010324011 2018-23
9. Bhoomika S. Kumar 18010324032 2018-23
10. Chhatrapal singh shaktawat M 18010323044 2018-23
11. Anurag Kumar 18010323025 2018-23
12. Shweta Singh 18010323121 2018-23
13. Chakka Sushanth 18010324037 2018-23
14. Gauri Desai 19010323041 2019-24
15. Akhila Suresh 19010323131 2019-24
16. Sardarni Gunjan Kaur 19010323105 2019-24
17. Shourya Kackar 19010324092 2019-24
18. Trisha Naik 19010323142 2019-24
19. SAnanya Bhatnagar 19010323017 2019-24
20. Aditi kukreja 19010323006 2019-24
21. Chanda Shashikant 19010323036 2019-24
22. Metlapalli Supraja 19010323070 2019-24

Activities conducted by the Cell/Centre