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Environmenta l Law Cell of Symbios is Law School, Hyderabad was established w ith the motto of incorporating a sense of respons ibility towards the environment among students and creating awareness about each person's individual respons ibilities to contribute in the prevention of future degradation of the environment. Through the ce ll the me mbers educate the students in campus and people off campus about the need for environment conservation and Susta inable Developme nt through various activities like plantationdrive, awareness camps, Nationa l seminars, webinars , jumble sale , competitions , etc. The cell als o takes the initiative to celebrate environmentally important Days through awareness creation.


  • To effectuate the spreading of awareness regarding e nvironment conservation through various community outreach programs

  • To educate the students about the importance of environment friendly way of life.

  • To inculcate in students a sense of responsibility towards environment and its resources

  • To critica lly ana lyze the Government polic ies on environment re lated aspects in various forums and through researches conducted by it

  • To encourage the students to become eco-friendly citizens


Dr. Sanu Rani Paul
(Asst. Professor)

Official Email-id of Centre: elc@slsh.edu.in

List Of Members

Sr No. Name Position Email ID
Madhavaram Sreshta Rao PRESIDENT madhavaramsreshta.rao@student.slsh.edu.in
Puneet Dhanoa VICE-PRESIDENT puneet.dhanoa@student.slsh.edu.in
Nithyashree.A.S HEAD OF PR & MEDIA COMMITTEE nithyaashree.a@student.slsh.edu.in
Priyanka Chandgude HEAD OF DOCUMENTATION COMMITTEE priyanka.ajit@student.slsh.edu.in
Saloni Sancheti HEAD OFFINANCE COMMITTEE saloni.sancheti@student.slsh.edu.in
Akshat Jain Kochhal MEMBER akshat.jain@student.slsh.edu.in
S.Sukanya MEMBER s.sukanya@student.slsh.edu.in
Victoria Gonsalves MEMBER gonsalves.victoria@student.sls
Pranav MEMBER pranav.saini@student.slsh.edu.in
Rajrishi Ramaswamy MEMBER rajrishi.ramaswamy@student.slsh.edu.in
Rimsha MEMBER rimsha@student.slsh.edu.in
Sudiksha Sakshi MEMBER sudiksha_saakshi@student.slsh.edu.in
Anavi Parnami MEMBER anavi.parnami@student.slsh.edu.in
Shrinithi Shankari MEMBER shrinithi.shankari@student.slsh.edu.in
Darsha Prakash MEMBER p.darsha@student.slsh.edu.in



  • Number of events conducted by the centre in the present academic year (national and intra college): 7

    • a) QUIZ

      The quiz was conducted on 22nd July,2019. It was based on the theme ‘Reproductive Health and Gender Equality’. 63 students appeared to participate in the quiz.The event was a success for the team as well as the participants.

    • b) JUMBLE SALE

      The environmenta l Law Cell conducted a Jumble Sa le Donation which stood for the promotion of reuse of materia ls. The lis t of items and materia ls that was donated for the sale is as follows:

      1. Clothing
      2. Shoes, sandals, etc.
      3. Bags
      4. Books, novels, etc and stationary
      5. Clothing Accessories
      6. Electronics
      7. Toys


      A one day national seminar on “GroundWater Management Law” was organisedby Environment Law Cell (ELC), Symbios is Law School (SLS), Hyderabad on February 15th 2020. The seminar secured mome ntum w ith august gathering of academic , industria l and legal experts on ground water management and law.


      The programme was graced by DrAnus ha Pilli and Mr Kama l Naya k, public health specia lists from the Good Universe NGO w ith vast experience in working for the sustainable development goals with the United Nations.


      • Competitions regarding Swachhta
      • Speech, Poster making, Slogan Writing
      • Plantation Drive 1

    • f) PLANTATION DRIVE 2 and 3


      Dr. SujathaSurepa lly spoke on how the concept of sustainable deve lopment is remaining as a myth and how this approach is going to hurt us in the long run. She went on to describe how she spreads awareness about loca l issues at the state leve l through the quarterly that she edits and the newspapers for whic h she writes.

    • h) Ambiente Photography Contest

      On 9th July 2018, a photography competition –Ambie nte, was conducted to try and re minisce the mesmerizing qua lity nature had and capture this enchanting ele ment in the form of pictures. The competition was mainly conducted to appreciate the beauty of nature and also the outlook of the person capturing it in his lens w ith his photography skills. The entries received were around 20.

    • i) Afforestation Drive

      20 saplings were planted in various parts of the campus by the partic ipants of various colle ges who ha ve come to attend the fest and the students and faculty of Symbios is Law School Hyderabad. A ll the support for the initiative was offered by the Campus Administrator and the workers in the campus.


      The members of the Environme nta l Law Cell, Symbios is Law School, Hyderabad conducted a Live Webinar over the issue of “From Water crisis to water as a common heritage: Towards realis ing the right to water and river rights” for a variety of viewers, under the able guidance of Mr. Philippe Cullet.

    • k) Webinar on Legislation Drafting

      The ma in a im of the webinar on legis lation drafting was to provide stude nts an insight intothe process and intricacies of legislation drafting.

      The webinar was organize d by the Environme nta l Law Cell in colla boration w ith the Centre for Research in Public Policy and Law.

    • l) Concierge- ‘Snitch on Climate Change’ Instagram contest

      The first ever Instagra m contest organized by the Environme nta l law cell, Symbios is Law School Hyderabad had a huge response which was conducted during the lockdow n. It inc luded Painting, Artic le Writing and Photography contests.

    • m) Afforestation and Environmental Awareness Drive

      There were over 500 students , 20 teachers and 50 parents for the programme. The Members of the Environmenta l Law Clinic distributed pla nt seeds to the students from 5th c lass onwards till 10th class as a souvenir of the awareness gained about protecting the environment.