Greetings from Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad!

The Literary and Debate Society is organizing the event to nurture the passion for literature and enhance the oratorical skills of the youth of the nation. It seeks to encourage participation from various academic disciplines in a wide array of events and allows students with the opportunity to witness and participate in an erudite discussion on emerging issues of global importance.

As part of the 1st National Literary Fest, we have a wide array of events and competitions that will take place at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad:

  • British Parliamentary Debate (BPD)

  • Panel Discussions

  • TTT Workshop

  • Susciter: Online Creative Writing Competition

There are various other events also, such as Open Mic, Pop Quiz, Live Reporting and Drama Competition.

Schedule of Events:

7th September –

  • Inauguration

  • BPD Registration and Preliminary Rounds 1-3,

  • Panel Discussions 1 and 2

  • Drama Competition and Open Mic

8th September –

  • BPD Preliminary Round 4, Semi-Finals, Novice Rounds and Finals

  • TTT Workshop

  • Pop Quiz

  • Movie Night

Look forward to all the highlights and results of these events being updated right here as they’re happening!!